Mississippi Mallards

Experience the best of Southern Hospitality and great Duck hunts at our Mississippi Locations


Thousands of ducks make their way each year to Mississippi - be there

Superb Working Dogs

It takes very special skills to take on the Largest Concentration of American Woodcock in North America

Mississippi Delta Duck Hunts

Mature Green Heads and Southern Hospitality - it gets no better than this

The Orkney Islands - Unlimited Geese, Unlimited Beauty

Enjoy one of huntings best kept secrets for duck and geese

Experience Costa Rican Fishing

We have everything you need

Come to Costa Rica for Rooster

All our trips are designed to your specific needs


Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Boar and Black Buck are just some of the options

Mixed Bag

Experience great mixed bag hunting in this exotic land

Fishing Africa

Not quite pan size


Magnificent plains game

Buffalo Beauty

Easily one of the most dangerous targets

Premier Adventure Collection

Experience the best hunting in the world

Find your Boss Buffalo

Big 5 for a reason

Experience this Regal Beauty

Start to finish Safari trips


Underwater danger and uncanny land speed

Explore enormous Red Stag with us in Argentina

Stag have roamed Argentina for over 100 years and we know where the best of them are

Fallow Deer

Wander in great numbers

Hear "La Brama" the Red Stag roars in Argentina

Argentina is home to mighty stag, black buck and thundering water buffalo and we have them all

Black Buck Antelope

Argentine Athletes

Water Buffalo

Every bit as dangerous as African Cape

Discover African fishing with us

Rainbow Trout, Olive Bream, Tiger Fish, Barbel-catfish are some of what you will find

Come to Mexico for Coues and Mule Deer

Find a Record Buck in Sonora, Zacatecas or Chihuahua - we cover all the options

Mexico's Mule Deer

Outstanding success rate for trophy bucks

Come find that trophy Mule or Coues deer

We offer hunts in three different provinces - Sonora, Zacatecas and Chihuahua

Peru Exclusive Collector High Andes Hunt

We bring you the Rare and Elusive collector ducks and geese of Peru

Ringneck Pheasant

Sonora Trifecta - Ringneck, Gambel and Dove

Greylag and Pinkfoot Geese

Orkney Islands Adventure

British Columbia Pheasant

Skeena Meadows unique bird hunts

Come for Africa Plains game from Blesbuck to Tsessebe

We give you a custom Africa Safari experience - adventure, photo or combo hunts with fishing and wingshooting


Oryx by another name


Graceful and Fleet footed

Travel with us to Mexico where the Bobwhite fly

Mexico has some of the greatest mixed bag hunting around - ducks, quail and dove

Boat, Blind, Ducks - repeat

Mexico couldn't make it any easier if they tried

Orkney Island Hunts

Full days of Duck, Geese and Grins

Getting it done

Hard working Red Fox Labs

Argentina is a Hunter's Paradise

There is no greater place for wing shooters in the world

Meet your match with the African Tiger Fish

Come with us to South Africa or Namibia for Tiger Fish or custom combos

Combine feathers and horn for a hunt of a lifetime in South Africa

Our speciality is custom combo hunts

Experience the adrenalin rush of an Argentine Water Buffalo hunt

If Argentina had a Big 5 these guys would head up the list

Don't miss Rainbow and Brown Trout in Patagonia

Fly Fishing is at it's best in the Trevelin Valley of Argentina

We have Great Hunts from Alaska to Maine

Chukars, Huns and Quail to King Eiders and the Best of Puddle and Divers - its all here

Pristine Orkney Islands Hunting

Goose Fever cured with a bonus round of ducks daily

Find the secret of the Skeena River in British Columbia

Here you will find one of the largest sea-run fish in the world - Steelhead

Fish for Steelhead on the Skeena River

Let us introduce you to one of our most unique destinations

Come with us to Africa for upland, waterfowl and collectors hunts

Run the Francolin gamut, roll with a rollicking Guinea shoot and finish out your waterfowl hit list all in South Africa

Inshore or Offshore Fishing

Come Enjoy the largest private fleet in Central America

Join us for the best Upland Game and waterfowl hunts in Africa

Walk up your appetite with the aid of our outstanding working dogs


Rugged and Beautiful


Iceland offers abundance

Discover Orkney Islands high limit geese and duck hunts

Let us take you to the best kept secret for great goose hunts!

Mexico is back and no one should miss it!

High volume Dove, Bobwhite and waterfowl, along with nine collectible quail species and the Mexican Turkey Slam - enough said

Shoot, Reload, Relax

August to February find something to wet your high volume appetite in Mexico

Find the Best of the USA from Maine to Alaska

Top King Eider hunt, Best Maine Sea duck guide and Nevada and Arizona's most Outstanding guide for Upland

Discover that Argentina is not just about the Dove

When the Northern Hemisphere is sweltering we hunt everything that flies in the cool of an Argentine Winter

Oh Canada! Visit our great neighbor when the migration begins!

Find Geese, ducks and upland game at one of our four locations

Add Reindeer Trophy Hunts in Iceland to your list

We will take you to the wilds of Iceland for outstanding Reindeer

Hunt Musk Ox at the edge of the world with us

Greenland offers both Musk Ox and excellent Trophy Reindeer

Big Game Scouts

Coastal sailing is the norm for scouting

Nevada for Chukers, Huns and Quail

Sign up for one of our most challenging hunts at home or abroad

Reindeer and Musk Ox Combo

Possible in Greenland


The sky goes black

Argentina is the Stuff of Legends

Travel to one of our ten outstanding locations for wingshooting, large game and fishing

South Africa

Collectors dream


Not much more to say

Make an early start to your season, go to Canada

We offer a variety of unique locations as the migration tunes up

Hudson Bay Hunts

We have one of the few great lodges left


Toughest part is picking your target and sticking with it!


Plenty of everything

Rediscover Mexico with us on one of our hosted hunts

Mexico provides the perfect quick fix for high volume dove, quail and ducks

Upland Game Gets no Better

Low Flying Speedsters - Perdiz

Get caught up in a Pigeon Hurricaine

Argentina Decoying Pigeon - Load, Aim, Fire - Repeat

Go to Africa with us if you want the best of Upland and Waterfowl

There is no one that does this better than we do

High Volume Duck

Tune up for the season


Migration begins

Orkney Islands

High Limit Geese and Collector Ducks

Don't Miss Orkney Islands Tufted Duck

If you are a collector or just have chronic goose fever this goes on your list

USA Ducks and Upland Game

Right at home

Find your Duck Mecca

North or South America, Europe or Africa we take you there

Snowy Ptarmigan

Upland in Iceland

Hunt with the top guides from the East Coast to Alaska

Come with us and finish up that Grand Slam

Pigeon will challenge the best shots

Rolling, dipping and spinning against the Cordoba hills

Go to the edge of the world for Ptarmigan

Head out on Iceland's Rugged Upland hunt with us

Fine Day of Ducks

Doesn't get any better than this

Arizona Mearns, Scaled and Gambel Quail

Exclusive Ranch hunts for wild birds

Putting in the Work

Outstanding Dogs and Guides equal Perfect day


Millions is an understatement


Tomorrow starts early

Danger Swims

Africa is calling

La Brama - The Red Stag Roars

Find your Trophy Stag in Argentina


Let us take you to our Worldwide and World Class locations

Be there before the geese start south in Iceland

Snow and Steam, Goose and Ptarmigan, all set against one of the most beautifully rugged places on earth

Head to Iceland for magnificent Reindeer

Every detail is covered on this highly sought after hunt

Exquisite Impalas

Athletes of the plains


Thundering danger

Run along the polar ice cap for Musk Ox and Reindeer in Greenland

We have you covered start to finish

Duck Twilight

Satisfied and ready for the next flight


Patagonia Rainbow and Brown Trout

$ $750 per day

  • Experience the pristine beauty of this world renown destination while you cast for Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Land locked Salmon and the indigenous Perch. We offer a blend of floating and wading experiences on a combo of spring creeks, lakes and rivers. At the end of the day leave everything in our drying room and relax with a great meal.
  • Our complete packages include airport transfers from Esquel, lodging in spacious double rooms with private baths, outstanding meals and fine wines along with an open bar, Spa, massage, full fishing days with professionally trained guides, transfers to fishing areas, license, flies, tippets and leaders, rods and waders as well as beginner casting course if needed.
  • Airfare, laundry, phone calls and tips are not included
  • Pricing is based on double occupancy but we do offer single options for an additional $300 per day, our non- fishing rate is $450 per night based on double occupancy. This rate includes a variety of choices for activities from sightseeing to trekking.
  • Our lodge is lovely and intimate with only 6 double occupancy rooms so please consider making your plans early to reserver the best dates.
  • Season – November 1st through April 30th